Are We Counting Down To Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Frank Ocean Releases 2nd Album 'Blonde'


Boys Don't Cry Pop Up Shop's Appear in NY, LA, Chi, LDN


Apple Music Stream

A tweet by Apple Music has now appeared linking to the livestream directly within iTunes,  with a screenshot featuring what looks like FRANK – .

Question now is – could the album title have been changed to ‘Endless’? Friday is still the rumoured day for the album, so keep your hopes alive people – this could be the final day!

Friday is the day according to the NYT

So as far as reliable sources go, can we rely on the New York Times reliably to impart the correct information from an unnamed source? Investigative journalism at it’s best still can’t resist the lure of click-bait so while we’re hoping that this bit of news from the NYT is least partially true, we’re also withholding a healthy dose of skepticism this is after all Frank Ocean we’re talking about. So if Friday is the day, no doubt we’ll all be poised and ready in waiting, in the meantime this is what the latest according to the NYT;

“Mr. Ocean, the innovative and enigmatic R&B singer, is set to release his next album, “Boys Don’t Cry,” on Friday through an exclusive deal with Apple Music, according to a person with knowledge of the release plans. The release is also expected to include a major video and a printed publication called “Boys Don’t Cry” that will be distributed at Apple stores.”

Frank Ocean's Live Stream Gets To Work

Social media as anticipated has gone into overdrive with eyes and ears fixated on the workbench antics of Frank Ocean as the live stream sets into motion. A lone figure dressed in black can be seen working wood into the sawing machine, with sounds of orchestral music and sawing merging in the background.

A visual art installation of some kind with no news other than the views, rest assured all eyes will be glued to this space for the next few hours.

Frank Ocean livestream

Apple Music Live Stream Goes Live

Have Apple negotiated a deal to secure Frank’s allegiances for another windowed exclusive release? Maybe so – but it appears that despite the month of July passing with another overdue date for the album, there are signs that something is still in the works. In the latest update to the boysdon’ website a live stream has appeared at the top of the page with a time stamp. No details yet beyond the benches at the back of the room but clearly we’re expected to watch this space closely.

Boysdon'tcry website

Frank Appears in Latest Calvin Klein Campaign

Calvin Klein a new campaign visual in the past few hours, Frank Ocean makes an appearance alongside Young Thug, Zoe Kravitz and a slew of fashion faces.

Date Due and long Overdue Frank

Is it due? When’s it due, dammit it’s been 4 years overdue, is someone gonna throw a big fat fine at Frank Ocean for this long ass overdue date. Frank – posting up a library book slip ain’t gonna make us cry any less – we know you’ve been telling us ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ but now that you’ve finally dropped a hint for a date on your website – can you just give us the goods already! Frank Ocean Date

Do The Insane Hear the Voice Distorted?

Frank Ocean updated his tumblr following the Orlando shooting with a heartfelt note;

Frank Ocean Note