Are You Down For Some ‘Distraction’ From Kehlani

Literally within days of dropping ‘CRZY’, Kehlani is back at it again with some more heat on the new track ‘Distraction’.

Produced by Pop & Oak this is straight R&B badness with signature Kehlani attitude and a bit of that 90’s smoothness in that SWV type of way. If distraction is what you’re looking for right now, Kehlani seem’s to have that on lock with a relentless schedule of summer touring and music drops coming at us. Kehlani’s already been out to kill the haters with compassion and now the mamasita of the moment is determined to get some of her own temporary distraction away from all the shit she’s been dealing with on the daily.

‘Distraction’ is all about that passion not possession – are you feeling that kind of proposition then go listen to the track below;

I need you (you, oh) to give me your time (give me your time), I need you (you, oh) to not wanna be mine