A$AP Rocky & Skepta Bless Us With ‘Praise The Lord (Da Shine)’ Video

Dropping his first new video since the release of his third studio album ‘TESTING’, while rapping freeflow under the influence of psychedelics, A$AP Rocky teamed up with Skepta to bless us with ‘Praise The Lord (Da Shine)’.

Breaking down the process of making the track in his Genius Verified video, Rocky explains how, “Skeppy came through. I had this psychedelic professor and he studies in LSD. I had him come through and kinda record and monitor us to actually test the product while being tested on. We did the rhymes all tripping balls bro. Niggas was high. We were just smoking mad weed and it was just like, it was amazing bro. It’s a gnarly situation, so it’s just kind of hard to even try to describe, especially to sober people.” 

Produced by Skepta and with a featured verse on the track, this is his third collaboration with Rocky, since ‘Put that On My Set’ and ‘Ghost Ride’.

Directed by Dexter-Navy, the video cuts between split screen scenes in NYC and LDN, as the two MC’s spar on their respective bars. Already trending No.1 on YouTube, the duo are making waves on both sides of the channel and rightfully so.