Ashley Verse Exhibits At BoxPark Shorditch

One of Nation of Billions own fav photographers Ashley Verse is rounding off an accomplished 2016 with the announcement of his upcoming solo exhibition.

The Portrait Exhibit in collaboration with Boxpark Shoreditch, features a raft of Grime scene greats with the exhibition opening today. A homage to the vivid intensity of Grime that impacted Verse long before he was old enough to get inside the venues where his heroes played, this solo show is a chance for fans to see Grime through the eyes of one of its best known shooters.


Away from the glamour and lights of gig photography, this latest offering sees Verse drawing back the curtain for the first time, allowing visitors an intimate look at some of the best known artists in a scene so vivid and rebellious that it has often been described as a reincarnation of the Punk era.

When we spoke earlier this year, I asked whether he felt as a contemporary visual artist his skill was regularly undervalued he told me then, “being a musician for instance, is actually a limelight position within the industry. There are many positions within the industry that aren’t as celebrated but this shouldn’t dampen their value or credibility. You also have to understand the reasons behind your art. This can’t be something you do to seek approval or validation from others. You have to be quite content in yourself to keep pursuing this. You need to put your heart in your art.”

For the first time, this debut exhibition by Ashley Verse will invite audiences go deeper and look beyond what they think they already know of their favourite MC’s. A faithful look at some of the most intense personalities at the forefront of Grime, this Boxpark exhibition by Ashley Verse will display some of his most ambitious work to date, as both a long time fan and one of today’s leading photographers in the scene.