Ashley Walters Opens Auditions At Kingdom Drama School

A lot has been said about British actors taking flight to the US to find success. Do we celebrate the UK’s ability to foster talent with global appeal? Or mourn all our stars leaving for seemingly bigger pools?

Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright are the latest in a slew of British names to find wider acclaim in American film, both of whom cut their teeth in Channel 4 productions – ‘Skins’ and ‘Top Boy’ respectively. ‘Skins’ ended in ’07, while the new series of ‘Top Boy’ will be premiered on Netflix, with Drake taking on the Executive Producer role. But as long as terrestrial TV channels stay reluctant to shell out on anything that’s not reality TV there remains crucial steps that the next generation of Oscar worthy British actors are missing out on.

2016 was the year of mis-education. Musicians like Krept & Konan, Skepta and Will Kennard of Chase ‘N’ Status began putting their money where their ends are, creating programmes for young people that would have otherwise been left to the mercy of central government cuts. Ashley Walters is yet another name to add to the list. Founder of the Kingdom Drama School since 2012 – alongside award winning film producer Najan Ward – the two have established a leading part-time drama school for actors of all abilities, from beginners to professionals and this Sunday (Feb 18) auditions are open.

Take a look at what you can expect below and check out Kingdom Drama School here