At This Rate 6LACK Will Get ‘That Far’

With a knockout debut ‘Free 6LACK’ setting the tone for 2017, 6LACK really “Ain’t got shit to prove,” he’s just living proof that he’s set himself no limits.

The Atlanta singer is already putting any doubters to rest with his first new music since his debut project and ‘That Far’ comes clean with a crisp sounding confidence. ‘That Far’ is an assertive statement loaded with double-entendres, and take it as you will. Whether you’re listening to 6LACK to channel your own relationship goals or listening closely for his statement of intent, he’s cleared the way for a consistent career climb.

“And this ain’t bein’ cocky, I just never wanna listen / ‘Cause I’m too busy focused on my own shit.”

‘That Far’ doesn’t disappoint, its got everything that brought him all the attention on ‘FREE 6LACK’ and gives us every reason to stick with him.