Atlanta to London, Russ Is Heading For An Arrival

Russ may be from Atlanta, but sonically, he’s got such a universal sound that it’s surprising how his upward trajectory has gone virtually unnoticed, grinding outside of the hype machine. But that’s all about to change, as Russ goes international and graces the UK shores on May 28th for his debut Arrival presented by DJ Semtex.

If you’re in London on Sunday 28th May, then this gig is one only a dedicated rap fan will be mad about missing, so get in on it early. Russ’s Arrival to East London’s Birthdays, comes off the back of nothing but pure grind, Russ has been so consistent with his releases, it’s crazy – releasing nearly a song a week for a year and a half, he’s built a fanbase without a shortcut.

Relatable in his self-produced cuts, Russ has this crazy work rate, that makes him stand out. He’s made 11 albums and dropped so many tunes on his SoundCloud page, you’ll be scrolling for a while. On Soundcloud alone, he’s garnered over 36 million listens, and it’s only been active since 2014. While Russ is still on the up and with plenty of music to keep you entertained for hours, it’s only right to bag your tickets for his Arrival early – get your tickets here.

Check out the latest from Russ below, undoubtedly another week on and you’ll be in for another fix on SoundCloud.