Australia’s Jia Lih Enlists Proton & JayAllDay For ‘Night Riders’

In the digital age, connecting music artists from different corners of the globe has never been easier. Australian beat wizard, Jia Lih connects South London’s Proton and Korea’s JayAllDay to come together over this fire inducing trap hit, ‘Night Riders’.

Pairing Proton, fresh off the heels of his ‘Until Next Time‘ project, and JayAllDay, who you may remember from that notoriously dope Korean trap hit ‘It’s G Ma’, you get a very authetic global taste of trap. From the beginning, right through to the very end, Proton and JayAllDay go back to back, delivering that London by way of Korea lyrical fire.

With Jia Lih merging together some undeniably loud synth and an energy that vibrates through your speakers, whether you’re listening in your headphones, on your laptop, or in the club. Blurring the normally rigid, genre lines of trap, drum n bass and EDM, Jia Lih, perfectly whips up a banger that will a) have you not giving a f*** about genres and  b) have you repping  both London and Korea in one go.

Released via Elysian Records, stream this one on full blast below, or purchase via  iTunes.