Avelino & Abra Cadabra Show That They’re ‘On A Roll’

The past 12 months have really been a “coming of age” for the North London rapper Avelino. After blowing up through a series of mixtapes in 2014, he teamed up with fellow Tottenham rapper Wretch 32 to create an infamous and quote-worthy Fire In The Booth as well as their collaborative project, ‘Young Fire Old Flame’.

Now, two years later, Avelino has become a well-recognised name within the scene and is forever being looked upon for new material. When we linked up with Av last month, he said that new music was coming. And he didn’t make us wait too long…

‘On A Roll’ is a link between Avelino and Abra Cadabra and is yet another reminder of the wordplay and lyricism that he is capable of

“Forgive for my sins, I want a Diablo. Youre trying to be Escobar, I trying to be Pablo”

The track also offers up a melodic chorus that is both infectious and catchy while creating a street anthem. Abra, who is still riding high from the success of his ‘Robbery Remix‘ [feat. Krept & Konan], comes through and blesses the Jason Julian-produced track with a guest verse. The track is a flip to Av’s previous release, ‘The World is Watching‘ and shows the versatility and creativity he has to offer.

On his relationship with Abra, Avelino said; “I know Abra outside the music anyway. It doesn’t surprise me [on his success]. When you come through and get hype, you have to utilise it! It’s a good moment for him. He’s got to run with his team and get what he can because we can all win!” Let’s hope that this isn’t the last we seen of this link up because the chemistry between the two is clear.