Avelino Returns With ‘No Bullshit’ Playlist

The sound of the new retro, Avelino comes through with his latest 12 track LP, ‘No Bullshit’.

Avelino often plays between the lines of light and shade, toying with tone and tempo throughout ‘No Bullshit’ is a playlist you can live with over time. Teaming up with regular collaborators Raf Riley, Jason Julian and Jay Prince, the production across the LP creates a sound palette that defies pigeon-holing, there’s the Grungy bassline and high handed strings on title track ‘No Bullshit’ alongside effortless sampling of MJ Cole’s seminal UKG track ‘Sincere’ elsewhere on ‘Sweet Luv’.

Not yet ready to reveal his debut album, ‘No Bullshit’ at least gives fans a sample of his continued development as an artist, following on from his lauded Fire In The Booth alongside Wretch 32 and their collaborative mixtape ‘Young Fire Old Flame’. Avelino continues to hone his lyricism with producers unafraid to play with genre in pursuit of innovation.