Avelino Takes Us Into ‘Late Nights In The 15’

Nights on the block with friends eating fast food and talking about random things are how many of us spent most of our teenage years. North London’s young flame, Avelino has sparked many memories with his latest release ‘Late Nights In The 15’.

Avelino’s new video, directed by Nathaniel Media, takes us to his stomping ground in North London, surrounded by friends and familiar scenes that pretty much most youths from the inner city can connect with. Local points from around his way such as the snail mural, show Avelino’s home pride and stand as a representative for the area he reps and loves.

Mind on my money I can’t think of love / And it’s made me so selfish that I don’t even give a f***

With some smooth production from Greatness Jones, giving us that sense of a great soundtrack for space travel, Avelino raps in his signature witty style peppering the verse with gems that demand your attention. With an upcoming headline show, on the 29th of September at Hoxton Bar, Avelino is on a roll, staying creative and making music to bring us into his world.

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