Azad Right Is Certainly On To Something ‘Special’

Meet LA based Azad Right, who’s basically like a musically chameleon. Azad is the VP of Mind of Genius (the independent label home to some of our faves, Gallant, THEY. and more) but he’s also now sharpening his own talents as a rapper/singer, and his latest Patrick Collier produced offering, ‘Special’ is exactly that, special.

Over the past few month’s Azad has released two singles, ‘Enough of You’, produced by Sango, Atu & Dpat, which was a smooth, hazy R&B cut with some introspective story tellin. His latest offering is ‘Special’, produced by Patrick Collier, and it’s got Azad getting further into his feels. With soft melodies, intertwining between rap, and song, Azad puts his feelings out there – which is super refreshing to hear: “You fine as hell and yeah I got an agenda
Straight to the point, girl I’m not a pretender. Muscle memory, I’ll hit it so your body remembers”. 

Reminiscing on a past relationship, or thinking towards the future, Azad is looking for a deeper bond, something special. While Azad Right comes out from behind the scenes it’s exciting to see what Azad Right’s got next for us. Whether it’s on the track or behind it, either way he’s got a refreshing vibe that he sprinkles over anything he works on.

Listen to both the latest releases from Azad Right below.