Backstage with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Two guys from the other side of the world connected, developed their own style of hip-hop, kicked down the doors, tossed the tables over, and broke barriers. Yeah you know the story of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Seattle’s favourite sons were once the best kept secret, they were introduced to the internets by hip-hop supremacists such as 2 Dopeboyz, and Nah right. I was told an almost mythical story of how their live show was better than most established artists thanks to Zack and 360, after checking out their music online I immediately became a fan.

I’m more than a fan, I’m a stan, nah friend is more appropriate. I fuck with these guys, I rate their music, and I support what they stand for. They’ve always shown me love and supported what I do throughout their journey.

I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for success and these guys definitely weren’t.

Their debut album ‘The Heist’ was a beast, it spawned so many pivotal singles and became so successful that it became a problem, it very quickly transported them from cool alternative hip-hop act to international household names. I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for success and these guys definitely weren’t. You know about the well documented text to Kendrick, the Drake comments, and all the other dramas etc. They found themselves in a mess…. an unruly mess.

I caught up with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the last date of their recent European tour and they were clearly tired, worn out. Two of the hardest working people in the game had just finished a punishing international tour, the difficult second album launch, and overcome a mountain of fuckery that accompanies fame…..but they still took the time out to chop it up with me and reflect on their journey so far.

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