BBK Debut New Show On Radar Radio

Internet radio stations in London are making radio interesting again but Radar Radio online are changing the game in an altogether different way. With BBK’s new show on Radar Radio yesterday, it’s official things are now getting super grimey.

More listeners around the world are looking to London for what’s happening next and radio is where major things are happening for the music scene in London right now. Radar Radio online have been making moves in a whole new kind of direction in London and they’re not trying to compete with the existing stations.

Up and coming DJ’s and presenters have been vying for spots on the station and locking a show on Radar Radio just headed into new territory with the competition ramped up to full blast. Radar Radio are not playing to the playlist pressure, and one thing is undeniable, there’s a passionate new generation that’s taking radio forward with a drive and determination that’s feeding that energy. There’s no longer one way to rack up those numbers anymore, looking to the future means looking on the ‘Radar’ – Read more about the re-evolution of radio here.

BBK will be presenting their show every 2nd Tuesday of every month8 – 10pm.