#BeatCulture: 5 New Beats from Poté, Conducta & More

5 new drops from 5 producers from The Method series.

Across 10 episodes Nation of Billions got up close with some of the UK’s most promising producers in series one of #BeatCulture.  Now, Rebel Kleff, Poté, Toddla T, Team Salut and Conducta are back with new music, reminding us why there’s so much to chose from in UK music.

Rebel Kleff – Pencil Pushing Ft. MANIK MC & Natty Wylah

Rebel Kleff shares his debut solo single ‘Pencil Pushing’ featuring UK lyricists Manik MC and Natty Wylah. It’s the first in a string of releases from his upcoming mixtape ‘Pencil Pushing’, where Rebel Kleff aims to shine a light on some of the UK’s most promising talent. For Rebel Kleff, inspiration comes from plenty of sample based East coast American Hip-Hop, back in February he told us more about his style: “It draws from every sort of, type of music. Elements of Jazz, Funk, Soul – even Folk music. It’s a lot more organic sounding, and I prefer that over, like, more electronic based stuff. I don’t really like the term ‘old skool’ because it’s like a bit of a broad way to describe it. But, yeah, [my style] is quite throwback, but it’s also quite modern.”

Having produced the majority of Loyle Carner’s catalogue and toured the world with him over the past couple of years, Rebel Kleff’s record collection has exploded with influences from across the globe, and with that his output and style is continually progressing.

Poté – Untune

St. Lucian born Poté‘s new single, ‘Untune’ – lifted from his forthcoming LP titled ‘Spiral, My Love’ was signed to DJ and Louis Vuitton Musical Director Benji B’s Deviation Music label after one listening session. Poté’s first EP, ‘Over The Water’ told the story of his childhood journey to London. Now, Poté is mixing dark synths and world weary lyricism in what promises to be his most revealing project to date. Often starting songs as poems Poté uses them to process his mindset: “going through life in a city like London that never sleeps when you been brought up in a village with less than 400 people. A whole world can extend from a small group of words. It’s more used a self-expression to get to grips with exactly what I am feeling. It’s better to write it down and look at it as an outsider.”

Toddla T – Real Connection Ft. Moss Kena

‘Real Connection’ comes as the latest single from Sheffield producer Toddla T, featuring Moss Kena. Telling the story of frustration and desire, it’s a search for a true love, “Everyone at some point in a relationship will question if what they have is real, that’s what we’re all searching for, this song is my experience of that feeling” Moss Kena says of the track. The follow up from Toddla T’s collaboration with Andrea Martin on his ‘Foreign Light’ album, ‘Real Connection’ is another chance for Toddla T to switch lanes in his sound, the single comes as the second in Toddla T’s new series of releases with the hottest UK burgeoning talent, “From the minute we made this record in my studio I fell in love with it. I’m so happy for it to see the light of day” he said.

Team Salut – Drive N Motion

Acclaimed South London producers and Afrowave pioneers Team Salut return with new release ‘Drive N Motion’. Laced with an infectious bassline, dancehall rhythm and catchy lyrics to sing-along to, Team Salut come with a fresh vibe just in time for Notting Hill Carnival. “The record was inspired by the desire for good weather and good vibes.” The boys said of the track, “When it gets cold, we often have to create our own inspiration; ‘Drive N Motion’ is a product of that. The song is about enjoying good vibes with a person you really click with, and sharing your world with that person. This is a feel good song that can make people dance, laugh, smile and create happy memories together.”

Conducta – Sleep Ft. Liv Dawson & Courage

Bristol’s Conducta has teamed up with Liv Dawson and producer / songwriter Courage for his latest single ‘Sleep’. Continually innovating his love of UKG, Conducta keeps things firmly in the here and now “’Sleep’ is the type of garage record I’ve wanted to tick off my checklist for a while. I wanted something which was minimal & bass driven but could accompanied with a sweet vocal & and lots of melodic moments in the instrumental. Me and Courage had been working for a while & originally it was an RnB tune. I reworked it then knew Liv was perfect for the vocal!” Conducta says.