Before Love Undoes Everything: A2 Returns With New Multi Layered EP ‘Blue’

South London’s A2 returns with brand new EP ‘Blue’.

The follow up to 2016’s ‘More Sleep II’ EP, comes ‘Blue’ – Before Love Undoes Everything by Disturbing London rapper and producer A2. Drawing inspiration from the American South, A2 explores love success and fame across 11 tracks.

‘Blue’ wastes no time in getting going as A2 shows off his triplet rap flow on the EP’s opening track ‘Marble Flaws’ before slowing the pace for the more languid style of ‘Mirrors’ and Below Zero’ – taking in perspectives on modern love and what women want. A2 often gives the melody a chance to flow, letting the music breathe as listeners draw their own conclusions.

Pouring with nocturnal rap ballads and introspective compositions, ‘Blue’ examines the hollow nature of fame, the loneliness of missing love and the thrill of passionate love as well as the effort of the grind on tracks like ‘The Feel’, ‘Harley Quinne’ and ‘Southern Comfort’ – where 6lack makes a guest appearance. It’s a track filled with syrupy thick rolling bassline and as A2 puts it, “3am real life shit“. A2 goes on to explain his style when it comes to production, “I’ve always been a low key kind of person. When it comes to the music it has to be a reflection of me and I’m not all bright and vibrant and loud, I’m pretty reserved and quiet. It’s moody, everything I do is moody, the sounds are moody, the energy is moody. I wanted to be honest and truthful, when everyone pretending they’re a superhero, I didn’t want to be fabricating anything.”

Guided by the melodies, A2 says, “The beat needs to give you the vibe, it needs to show you how to approach it, otherwise you’re doing it blind” and ‘Blue’ is an EP very much driven by R’n’B influenced, bass heavy Trap style found in the American south. A producer with a particular ear for music, A2 knows what he likes, “Everything has to be meticulous, every instance of the process has to be perfect because once something’s out there, I can’t take it back.” 

‘Blue’ represents the next step for this 26 year old producer from Croydon.