Benjamin Clementine On ‘God Save The Jungle’

Filled with darkness and drama, Benjamin Clementine only reaffirms why he won the 2015 Mercury Prize on his latest track ‘God Save The Jungle’.

Taken from his recently announced ‘I Tell A Fly’ album, (which is due in September) ‘God Save The Jungle’ makes subtle, macabre references to the recently demolished Calais ‘Jungle’ camp. Toying with the ‘God Save The Queen’ National Anthem, Clementine raises questions about patriotism and citizenship as he sings:

Welcome to jungle, dear, Where tensions do amount and kids must grow as quick as possible

Searing and politically aware, Benjamin Clementine’s compositions remain a whimsical gothic trip into the kind of rich nocturnal soundscapes that feel as though they have emerged from the pages of a Dickens novel set in victorian England.

Speaking of his upcoming second album Clementine said: “I have written my second piece called ‘I Tell A Fly’. In little words – it’s a story about two wandering flies finding fleet. I am neither a politician nor prophet but an artist who creates to only entertain is no better than a con. I hope this album fulfils its purpose as the continuation from ‘At Least For Now’. Thank you for your kindness, warmth, patience and  unparalleled support. Ars brevis, vita longa.”

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