Benjamin Clementine Roams Alien Landscapes In New ‘Jupiter’ Visual

Benjamin Clementine returns with expansive new video for ‘Jupiter’.

Lifted from Benjamin’s acclaimed new album ‘I Tell A Fly’ comes ‘Jupiter’ a single that was in fact the catalyst for the entire album. ‘Jupiter’ tells the story of the otherworldly, and stems from a US visa that described Clementine as an ‘alien’. “Saying ‘Jupiter’ for me was like saying ‘Europa’, or ‘England’, or ‘Edmonton’. Wandering around in America, there was Trump and Clinton, there was the Orlando attack, the New Orleans attack – here I was thinking I was living in a safe place, but nothing was really safe anymore, or ever. It’s a poke at people being called aliens by some people, like we’re from another planet. I think we’re all forever aliens.” Clementine says of the track.

Filmed in New Mexico by Lola Schnabel – daughter of American painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel – Clementine remains ethereal in the remote landscapes of Albuquerque. A seemingly irrelevant encounter with the US visa system spawned a body of work in ‘I Tell A Fly’ that explores the concepts of the stranger, the migrant and the alien.