Benny Mails Comes Clean On ‘I Blocked My Dealer’

Dropping a banger in the way of ‘I Blocked My Dealer’, South London’s Benny Mails, has taken a giant leap from his previous life as a B-Boy dancer back when he was working with Zulu Nation and Crazy Legs.

Between listening to classical Jazz and growing up in South London immersed in Grime, Mails pretty quickly learned how the upsides and downsides of the scene. Claustrophobic and tight, his single ‘I Blocked My Dealer’ is a story of getting out. Delivered on weighty bass and tinkling melody Mails muddies the waters between Grime MC and Trap beat as he speaks of the darkness that is buried in drug abuse. ‘I Blocked My Dealer’ carries nods to early Eski at the end and Mails steps into the light – it’s not hard to see why he earned those early co-signs from Jorja Smith and Rinse.