Berhana’s Visuals For ‘Janet’ Are Beautiful

At the end of 2015, a R&B soaked jam, ‘Janet’ appeared online. Described as an ode to the original TV mum, Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The artist went by the name, Berhana. There was little info to be found about Berhana online. He seemingly came out of no where and even information about his residing state was contradictory. Fast forward 6 months and Berhana released his crisp video to ‘Janet’.

What’s striking with the video is how ordinary everything is – on appearance. Berhana rides around a neighborhood dressed in all white on his bike. His clothing and the hood he’s riding in are nondescript – with a huge sense of innocence throughout.

Musically though, ‘Janet’ is a R&B tinged number, Berhana floats in and out of rap and the recurring Fresh Prince ad-libs throughout, which tinge ‘Janet’ with a sense of sadness. In the hook, Berhana sings: “Wonder if you’ll just dismiss meMaybe light-skin Aunt Viv me” and it ends with the audio from the episode where Janet Hubert is replaced with the lighter skinned Daphne Maxwell Reid in 1993.

Berhana’s also put out a compilation project on his soundcloud, six of his musical gems, laced with the electro hazy production from Sapphire and that sort of care-free R&B breezy vibe that’s so perfect in the summer months.

Regardless whether Berhana continues to remain elusive, one things is clear, his music is vibely.

Press play on Berhaha’s project below and check out the video to ‘Janet’ above.