Best Believe Naira Marley is ‘Back 2 Work’

After a brief hiatus from music Naira Marley has just dropped ‘Back 2 Work’ the highly anticipated follow-up from his bangers ‘Marry Juana’ and ‘Praise and Worship’, which together clocked up close 2 million YouTube Views.
‘Back 2 Work’ is a contagious track that reaffirms Marley’s lyrical creativity and his signature puns hits hard against the high pitched instrumental of the multi-talented producer, A-Jay Beats. The deep beat undertones add to the significance of ‘Back 2 Work’ and ensure a flawless production. If there was ever a better come back, this undoubtedly is it.

Naira Marley’s Dread Gang is fast becoming a recognised brand, one which is setting itself out to be iconic and steeped in an entrepreneurial spirit that he embodies through his music, alongside the culture and lifestyle of Hip-Hop.


Winter is coming, and it’s time for the grind season; it’s time to get ‘Back 2 Work’ while Naira Marley blasts through your car stereos and club speakers.