BHM According To KRS-One

I’ve always had an issue with black history month.

Even though February was probably the most eventful US BHM yet re. the Beyonce performance, the Oscars protests, and Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Grammys, I agree with Morgan Freeman, why is our history only focussed on for a month? Shouldn’t it be an all year thing? Shouldn’t we be learning about the histories and cultures of all races, all religions?

Why does it take place throughout Febuary in the US and Canada, and October in the UK? We can’t even do it at the same time?

It’s not enough to learn about musicians, athletes, dead leaders, or the guy that invented the traffic light over a 4 week period. Respect and understanding is the only way to eradicate racism and ignorance, it is the only way that humanity will make it. Black history is everyone’s history, it’s an every day thing, not a once a year thing.

Tokenistic as it is, it’s better than nothing.
It’s dope to see that KRS-One has put together an incredible guide that goes deeper than any school lesson or documentary. The legendary MC has recorded a series of amazing in-depth lessons that document key black history moments.

Like the Blastmaster says ‘You Must Learn’. Download or stream here.