Bibi Bourelly Ain’t Gonna Be Fake

Don’t we all need a bit of a pick me up sometimes, days when you just need to know you can get through that tough moment, especially when someones just trying to bring you down?

Bibi Bourelly is setting out her post firmly with her official debut single ‘Ego’, unapologetically telling it straight and she’s not taking anything less then what she deserves. The German born songwriter, is now venturing out as a solo artist with all the attitude and determination she can muster on her record. Having bagged features no one would turn their nose up at and a ‘Riot‘ on SoundCloud earlier in the year, Bibi also recently appeared at TidalX alongside Usher to perform ‘Chains‘ which she’s featured on with Nas. Accompanying ‘Ego’ with an intro, Bibi talks about the inspiration behind the track with a great big sigh – “I wanna find all the people who wanna contribute and leave a dent and a mark in time, I wanna find the people who really care, have a lot to say and no ones listening to them“.

Bibi worked on sessions with Rihanna and Kanye which resulted in her writing ‘BBHM’, Deputy who’s also credited as a co-producer spoke with DJ Semtex, and explained how it happened –  “It’s kinda weird, just blame it on the universe on how it all came about, the sessions with Bibi, Rihanna and Kanye, when they played it at the session it kinda triggered everything and once everyone in the room heard it, then it was like yeah”

So yeah, here’s Bibi having her say about her 19 year old big ‘Ego’.