Big Zuu Pays Tribute To The People of Grenfell Tower

On the West side of our great capital city, there has been a tragic event that has displaced and taken the lives of many men, women and children. The fire that consumed Grenfell Tower in the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea has been seen around the world. Stories from people that escaped the tower and eyewitnesses speak of things that are terrifying to believe. Experiences that will change people lives forever.

The government, specifically the current Prime Minister Theresa Mary had been strangely quiet during these tremendously heartbreaking times. Labour leader Jemery Corbyn has been walking amongst the people and being expressive in the press at the first chance he could. Meanwhile, it was days before May decided to come down to the site where a national tragedy had occurred and even then, didn’t speak to the community that endured the terror of this horrific fire.

It is in times like these where you see London for what it is. A city filled with people from all backgrounds who share experiences. These scenes that have been covered by social media have been heartwarming. People have been emotionally affected by the news and are giving money, food and clothing to support the people whose lives has been torn apart similar to the flammable panels of Grenfell Tower.

In the music scene, GRM Daily has linked up with video directors Kaylum Dennis and Kirx to create videos for artists and the fees will be donated to support people affected by the disaster in West London. It was this offer that compelled one of Grime’s talented MCs to used the platform to express himself.

West London’s Big Zuu uses strong words to paint a picture of what is happening at ground zero. Growing up in Mozart, he is familiar with regeneration. By the early 90s, the large tower blocks in the area had been broken up into smaller groups so that they could have their own stairways after complaints were made by residents. However, for the people of Grenfell Tower, they fell victim to lift malfunctions and a single stairway for the entire building.

“Some people say it’s fate, but it’s from mistakes / 2017 in this day and age / Put plastic on the blocks like they can’t catch flames. No wonder why there’s people there displaying rage / People complained fam, it’s on the page. But they don’t wanna pay a couple 100k / Just to put a sprinkler system. Why d’you think there’s no faith in the system”

Music has the ability to bring people together and speak for the people. Big Zuu has used his talent and made a tribute song to support his fellow West Londoners. Throughout the song, there are passionate words that ring true for a nation. Praising the fire service and the people of the community that came together in this time of need. Zuu also offers prayers up for the victims and sheds light on the failings of the system that has resulted in this catastrophe. These sentiments are amplified in the closing of the song by the voice of West London rapper and activist Akala speaking on the lack of preventative measures that would’ve led to the preservation of human life.

Theses are trying times. But the people of London have come together and have shown strength to support those who lives have been shaken to its core. It’s time like these where the music scene can come together and speak for the people. Big Zuu has done his nation proud and has represented the people West London in an amazing way.

You can donate money to support the people of Grenfell Tower via GRM Daily’s Just Giving page – Donate Here