Bilal Drops The Effortless ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Video

I really love Bilal and I really love that Bilal really doesn’t care, he’s been doing this long enough to know his place, his value and it’s enough for him. Not one to get caught up in any hype, he’s been sticking to the long game since his 2001 debut album ‘1st Born Second.’ 

A Jazz musician above all else, Bilal is also the epitome of a soul singer who’s never been part of a place in time, he’s just always there, just under the surface. You may be forgiven for overlooking his fifth album ‘In Another Life, but considering the fervour around his collaborations on Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ it may be understandable. Bilal is essential to the fabric of soul jazz music, while simultaneously evolving his sound and style he also manages to channel the feeling of a Stevie or Prince into the 21st century.

‘I Really Don’t Care’ has surfaced in the casually effortless way that Bilal has come into his own, with an Hans Elder video that brings the co-collarators together again. Bilal’s asking for a chance even though he knows he’s not your ‘typical guy’, and personally I’ve always got time for this guy. Bilal will show you again and again why you need to listen to him forever, again and again.

The single ‘I Really Don’t Care’ is featured on the album ‘In Another life’ which is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.