Billy Dukes Arrive In Time For Summer With ‘The Intevention’

In a world that moves as fast as ours, there’s a lot to be said of taking down-time and even more to be said of the music that fuels one’s outlook. Perspective is everything and timing is key. ‘The Intervention’ is the debut EP from contemporary Hip-Hop duo Billy Dukes, and it’s filled with just right blend of ambition and introspection.

Intalekt and GeeFree are the minds behind Billy Dukes, a pair of differing perspectives who share a love of trippy, soulful Hip-Hop. Having already worked with Kallitechnis, Marie Dahlstrom, and Lucy Rose in his short career so far, Intalekt is the producer, rapper and DJ whose self produced debut EP ‘IIWII’ (It Is What It Is) boasted some of the UK’s best known rising talent in the shape of Jacob Banks, Kojey Radical, Jay Prince and Ella Frank. And, when brought together with the calm, controlled tones of GeeFree – whose cadence and style has draw comparisons to MF Doom – the sparks of Billy Dukes soon turn to flames.

Carved out over 10 tracks, Billy Dukes put voice to those unspoken everyday struggles, kicking off with ‘Pledge Allegiance’ Billy Dukes set sail on warm Lo-fi Hip-Hop tones and an invitation to celebrate one’s imperfect humanity. ‘The Intervention’ also features two earlier releases ‘Chill’, a song all about taking time out to truly appreciate your loved ones and ‘Sid Vicious’ both singles pushing Billy Dukes to wider recognition in the UK and abroad.