Bobii Lewis Wants To Ease Your Mind

Wait, focus – it’s easy to get distracted these days, infact too easy to get caught up, so when an offer to ‘Ease Your Mind’ pops up in your timeline, isn’t it worth taking a few minutes out of your day to see if it’s worth your while?

There’s nothing better than Bobii Lewis delivering on that offer to ‘Ease Your Mind’, and this track is brimming with satisfaction, flowing seamlessly into a smooth state of mind. The singer songwriter from Northeast London is hardly a newcomer having been on the scene for a few years, but this time it feels like he’s on the come up.

Bringing on the talents of KZ The Producer has added a fresh new perspective to his sound, with Bobii finding a solid stride in the studio collaborating on 3 new tracks – ‘On Top‘, ‘You Better‘ and now ‘Ease Your Mind’.  Added to the mix there’s a different kind of energy from Kojey which certainly shows us a whole different side to him too and suffice to say we’re feeling a whole lot more eased.