Bonkaz & Mez do a ‘Mad Ting’ on Their New Track

When artists get in studio together, it’s a chance to merge their personal styles and create something new. Bonkaz & Mez are 2 artist that have no problems displaying their signature styles on a track.

Bonkaz, from South London linked up with Mez from Nottingham and created ‘Mad Ting’. A skippy track that as soon as I heard the drop had me bopping my head like the churchill dog. Mez has got bags of energy and it shows on the song. Giving little time for breathing, he demonstrates his fast paced flow and raps about not being scared of ‘likkle soundboys’ when he grabs the microphone. If you’ve ever seen him perform, you’ll know that he isn’t lying and has the potential to turn over any Grime rave.

My brothers get wraps in another way / Wrap them on the microphone when I do spray — Mez

Bonkaz jumps on the track using multiple flows which holds bars of braggadocios raps that are sprayed with energy. Bonkaz as an artist has many different moods. On ‘Mad Ting’ he confidently raps drawing inspiration from life on the roads. Don’t worry ladies, ‘NBA 2’ is coming soon.

Another element of this song was the production by Jammz. You may know Jammz as a Grime artist but his skills extend to making instrumentals that suit the quick spitting lyrics that is synonomous with Grime. The collaboration with Jammz, Bonkaz & Mez has created a tune that I’ll be adding to my Grime playlist and I presume DJs will be doing the same.