Breaking Barriers with Keith Ape

The boundaries within Hip-Hop are constantly being torn down, sounds redefined. The next dope artist could come from anywhere, it stopped being about a ‘New York thing’ a long time ago, and as we’ve seen with Drake, Iggy Azalea, DJ Snake, and the rise of Grime its not just about the ‘US thing’ anymore.

The fire can come from anywhere by anyone. As long as the music is dope, thats all that matters. Keith Ape is straight out of South Korea and he is rapidly tearing down boundaries, building his own fanbase across the world, and collating the necessary co-signs. He recently just launched ‘Psycho’ with additional bars from Rob Bank$, so I caught up with the man himself.

What made you pick up the mic?

I simply thought it was something cool.

Which MC inspires you?

I always wanted to rap but I was more of a fan when I used to listen to the 90’s rap. Then the internet rap scene emerged later on which I thought I could relate myself and be a part of it. It’s hard for me to pick out on MC that inspired me. I try to learn from everyone.

What is the Korean rap game like?

It’s definitely getting bigger and bigger. New rappers and producers emerge everyday.

Are you familiar with the UK Rap and Grime scene? Are you feeling any particular UK artists?

Danny Seth and Skepta. I’ve actually met and worked with Danny Seth. Very talented guy. The British are coming.

From your perspective who would you say is the biggest MC in the game right now?

Young Thug and Travi$ Scott. I don’t think I really have to explain why.

How are you going to break the U.S market?

I’m not sure on “how.” I may seem to have a disadvantage since English isn’t my native language. However, I believe there is no language barrier in music. I will just keep on making music like I have always been and hopefully people will get it.

It looks like people are starting to get it. Watch out for Keith Ape in the UK sooner than you think.

Produced by Junior Chef, and released by CXSH XNLY, check out the PSYCHO banger featuring Robb Bank$ below.