Brexit inspired TE dness to create ‘EU Referendum’

Now that the people have voted us out of the European Union, the future is unknown. Our currency is fluctuating, the Prime Minister has jumped ship and the public are confused. Even those who voted to leave are confused, it’s all mad.

With all this anxiety in the air, rapper TE dness has decided to go in the booth and speak about potential reality for another group of society. Often speaking for the trappers on well produced songs created by 6 Figure Music, the Brexit inspired ‘EU Referendum’ describes the worries of a “businessman” (yeah, let’s stick with businessman) who’s import transactions may be affected the majorities vote to revoke the UK’s membership.

The excerpt from David Cameron used in the song was a nice touch and gives solace to said businessman but who knows what the future holds. I like songs that put you in the mind of another person and gives you another viewpoint, and that is what TE Dness has done here. He speaks about how the strengthened border controls may slow down the acquisition of foreign cars and women and also may pose a threat to mentally weak individuals that sing like canaries under strong lights and hard questioning in cramped rooms. The lyrics display concern on how leaving the EU may may affect business:

David Cameron David Cameron, I just gave the plug my order / Boris Johnson Boris Johnson, Please don’t close down the border / ’Cause these bricks european / All these whips european

TE dness is always working and often has new music. His flair on tracks is confidently braggadocious. But in a good way. His songs always have a swing to them, probably because of the producers he works with (5ive and Mazza who helped make ‘EU Referendum’). It always good to see artist be inspired by their surroundings to create their art. Long may it continue.

Take a listen to the latest from TE Dness below: