Brian Fresco On Chicago And Realities: Breaking Down ‘Casanova’ LP

Earlier this month Chicago’s Brian Fresco, of the Save Money collective released his summer offering ‘Casanova’ – a thirteen track project showcasing his versatile lyrical talents and ear for creating varied musical landscapes.

Speaking on hypenmellow on Radar Radio, Brian Fresco breaks down a load of the project’s features including, the making of ‘Higher’. Featuring Chi-Town’s latest favourite musical export, Chance The Rapper alongside Montreal’s Blue Hawaii, other features on the project include, BJ The Chicago Kid, Pro Era’s CJ Fly, GLC and more. Brian Fresco gives a deeper insight into how his home-state, Chicago shaped his musical outlook as well as growth as an artist.

If you haven’t already bumped to ‘Casanova’ yet, then let us get you up to date quickly. With a super eclectic sound, from ‘Call’ that has that heavy R&B sample, to ‘Eliminate’ that has a  heavy rock feel, ‘Casanova’ is varied, to say the least. Speaking on the project and his influences, Brian explains: “It’s drawn from everywhere, I Fucking love Nirvana.. Errol Smith, but I love R Kelly and Jodeci. Like I love real 90’s R&B and rap too – I  just love music, I’m not a one style artist and that’s what I wanted to put forward.. I wanted to portray my reality – well not that this is a portrayal – this is my life… And I wanted to show that in the project”.

Press play on Casanova below:

And check out Mr Fresco breaking it down even further on Radar Radio.: