BRNFKD Unleash Self Titled Debut EP

We introduced you to the electro sounds of French duo BRNFKD (pronounced BrainFucked) a few weeks back. Now we’re finally ready to get deeper into their eagerly anticipated debut, self titled EP ‘BRNFKD’.

Their latest track ‘Shining’ sees the pair teaming up with rapper Eli Sostre, who lays down these hazy, dreamy soulful vocals over the glitzy electro produced beat. ‘Shining’ has these very slight trap influences to it, which gives it an almost spacey feel which further displays the production talents of the French pair.

The French pair behind the BRNFKD moniker are Ikaz Boi and Monk. Ikaz Boi self describes his sound as Ketamine Trap and Monk blends hip-hop, soul, future funk and beat scene. All of these eclectic, yet related sounds are heard through their musical mosaics.

BRNFKD are the latest signing to Nowadays Records, and you can now listen to their entire debut EP and loose yourself in all that lush musical goodness here and listen to ‘Shining’ below.

Eli Sostre also lent his vocals to this trappy tune from NYV’s Tribe Gang, check it out here.