Bruv Did You See Wot Stormzy Did This Week?

Listen to the kids, Bruv! With just a Grime freestyle and a video, there’s a British MC who’s had the audacity to take on the music industry head on and attempt to storm the charts independently. You may know him as Big Mike aka Stiff Chocolate aka Wicked Skengman aka STORMZY – and he literally blew us away this week!

For anyone outside of the U.K, you didn’t have to be here to witness the unprecedented wave of support that Stormzy unleashed from his fans this week all across social media. It’s a testament to a not only his magnetic charm and charisma but also his enormous talent. Stormzy had his sights set on only one thing this week and that was to storm the U.K charts with his freestyle single ‘WickedSkengMan4’ and ‘Shut Up’.

Without a major label, mainstream PR or radio rotation, Stormzy singlehandedly drove the hype to fever pitch for his single release. Co-ordinated by the king himself he catapulted ‘WickedSkengMan4’ to no.18 this week, making it his first Top 20 record in the UK charts. The video for ‘WickedSkengMan4’ itself reached over 600,000 plays on YouTube in one week.

On day 1, Stormzy made an impressive start managing to secure almost 5000 downloads purely through his fan base and it got him an early top 10 chart entry. But to stay in the top 20 he needed to round up alot more support and alot more streams to guarantee his place in the U.K chart.

Stormzy wasn’t looking for all that support without showing some love to his fans – so off he went hitting the road around London on his ‘Skeng Campaign’ giving out some free Adidas creps to his people. No spin, just the real Stormzy doing distribution himself (DDY) – making it all happen in real time, giving back for the support by his fans and mandem.

Then came another campaign – London’s favourite chicken spot Nando’s did a promotion for Stormzy to offer 30 of his fans a chance to link up with him “Gonna be doing a link up (yes, free chicken lol) and a secret gig in central London….check my next tweet for details!!”

After that it was straight off to his secret gig and Q&A with more pure fans, showing pure love for pure Stormzy.

For Stormy it’s been one heck of a week of mutual dedication to his fans and an event that he’ll remember for a long time coming and he’s celebrating it this Sunday with a Wicked Skeng party – shutup! Well what else did you expect?

To top off a mad week, Stormzy bagged himself a ‘Rated’ award last night, set off a new wave, done it the only way Stormzy can – and he was gone by the time that they clocked him!
What’s the last one? Yeah, #PROBLEM