Bryson Tiller A F**king Killer Like Rambo

Don’t sleep on Bryson Tiller, he’s killing it with his new album ‘TRAPSOUL’ and he’s not taking any prisoners like ‘Rambo’. He’s got Timbaland and Drake on the co-sign as well as the original Rambo, Sylvester Stallone himself.

Louisville native, Bryson Tiller, has just dropped visuals for the new single ‘Sorry Not Sorry, and takes us on a reality ride around his city, shot atmospherically through his gritty urban landsape. Bryson exclusively annotated some of his lyrics on Genius and explains – “I just met my dad recently, like two or three years ago, which is crazy. I’m glad it happened. He’s a hustler, he’s really out here trying to get it and I’m thinking like, “Damn he’s out here doing it no matter what. It inspired me to get out there and get it and get these jobs and do what I gotta do. I would never sell drugs or nothing like that.”

The Street Fighter sampled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is undoubtedly one of the standouts on the album alongside, ‘Right My Wrongs’, ‘Rambo’, ‘Don’t’ and well just about the whole album itself. The 22-year-old singer/songwriter/rapper, has created his own brand of street soul, musically blending the urgency of trap music with the smoother sound of alternative R&B. This project might be a slow burner for some but it’s about time you get plugged into Bryson Tiller he’s on the rise and rise.

TRAPSOUL is available to download now.