Bryson Tiller Debut’s TrapSoul To The World

Bryson Tiller has been stacking up a lot of plays infact 24.8 million of them so far on SoundCloud for one track amongst a good few and it defies belief that he’s still not caught the headlines across the mainstream music publications.

But that’s just the nature of music these days, its about the fans so don’t underestimate just how far Bryson could really go. ‘Don’t’ is a record that’s captured the essence of down and dirty R&B from the sound right down to the lyrics. The power of Bryson’s dedicated fanbase is exactly what’s behind Apple Music’s latest drive to get that exclusive in the bag ahead of the release of the album, by streaming the album exclusively on Apple Music ahead of its official release on Friday 2nd October.

Bryson Tiller may not have been the shiny new poster boy for R&B in 2015 so far, but maybe that’s exactly what’s his appeal – he’s done all the work himself, got the music, got the results and got his fans behind him and now he’s got a major label deal and a studio album that warrants a place in the leagues of the next great ones.

As well as ‘Don’t, Bryson’s previously leaked tracks ‘Been That Way,’ ‘Just Another Interlude’ and the recently previewed ‘Exchange’ are all on the album, check out T R A P S O U L, get into the zone and stream it now.