Bryson Tiller Gets ‘Self Righteous’

By now its hard to believe, if you’ve been on it this year that you haven’t been on Bryson Tiller and got into ‘TRAPSOUL‘ – one of the standout debut albums of the year.

Louisville’s Bryson Tiller made his ‘TRAPSOUL’ sound a cascading flow of slow jams and hot bars keeping the tempo as sexy and grimy as being in a relationship can be. This isn’t smooth for the soul this is treacherous for a soul trapped in the cycle of the chase, ‘hitting and quitting’ till you find the one who makes you give it up and finally go clean up your act.

Maybe thats why Bryson’s coming off a bit ‘Self Righteous’ but there ain’t nothin’ else like it, considering its the first new music we’ve had from him since his album drop this summer. If constantly checking in on that social profile got you like this ‘I’ve been peeping hard on some stalker shit’ – then maybe you’ve been feeling a ‘Self Righteous’ type of way too and need to get into some Bryson Tiller.