Bugzy Malone Presents ‘Section 8’ In 3 Parts

Grime is many things to many MC’s, an outlet for pent up emotions, a space to express your views, a medium to tell your story or a way to ignite musical war. One artist who’s used music Grime as a platform to elevate his situation is Bugzy Malone.

Arriving on the majority of our mobile screens via Fire In The Booth and clashing with Chip, Bugzy has been making his mark and proving himself more than just a freestyle MC with two back to back Top 10 charting EPs. Releasing his latest, ‘Facing Time‘ which has been serving him well by igniting roaring crowds at festivals, it’s evident Bugzy is here to stay.

Utilising the visual art form to tell it how it is, Bugzy Malone puts picture to the narratives in his songs with a collection of videos called: ‘Section 8’.

These 3 videos to serve as 3 chapters of a story. Bugzy plays the protagonist of a trio who commit a robbery and Chapter 1 describes the turbulent relationship between his girl and the roads told through the song ‘Beauty & The Beast’ off the EP.

Chapter 2 embeds the song ‘Facing Time’ as the soundtrack to the video which sees Bugzy and his crew being brought in by the police. The lyrics, which although not actually about facing jail time, fit well as a visual backdrop. The song itself is a double entendre and Bugzy uses it to create a convincing storyline which opens up the final chapter showing another side of the main character – a menacing man who stays calculated as he plans his escape from prison.

‘Section 8’ is not just a 3 part music videos, it shows the evolution of Bugzy’s creativity, resources and hard work. Stealing scenes with the details and realism, the films are made all the more convincing through the setting of the locations. Bugzy Malone and his team are taking things very seriously and it’s a welcome change from the norm. ‘Section 8’ arrives as a testament to what you can do when you focus on bringing out the message through the music.

These 3 short films are guaranteed to feed the fans with more love for his songs and will gather a whole new fanbase who can appreciate compelling visual storytelling. If you needed any more evidence, here’s proof that Bugzy Malone plans to serve his time in the music game.