Cadet “When Did It Get This Strict?’

You’ve been putting in the work all week, paid the bills, copped some clothes, and spent your precious time trekking across London to get to the club.

You get to the venue and are then subjected to inhumane treatment by the door men.
Fellow human beings paid and instructed to determine who has the ‘right look’. This isn’t about a ‘no hats no trainers’ policy, it’s much more oppressive. There has always been a racist apartheid like selection process by a lot of West End clubs.

These same West End clubs exploit our Culture from every angle to sell their over priced watered down drinks. They dont want to play Hip-Hop and R&B….. they NEED to play Hip-Hop and R&B. They need the music, the look, and the artists to validate their tasteless establishments.

Most artists don’t want to be in these clubs, so out of desperation the clubs over pay your favourite Rapper/Singer to walk through their venue, they get paid more than what they attain for an actual show fee.

These West End venues thirst for the kudos of the look, but they don’t want the people that live, breathe, and are responsible for the Culture…….who just so happen to be black.

We always knew that this was the case, but last week one specific club took it too far with their racist door policy and they got exposed.

Cadet is one of the meanest MCs on the come up, he spits fire from the heart, straight lyrical venom and he addressed the recent events in his own way.

Stormzy broke down the need for artists to speak out on these issues…..


The fans are the life and soul of the culture, they are as important as the artists.
Without them nothing happens.

The fans determine what is or isn’t hot. They have the power to address this discrimination via the pounds in their pocket, their presence, and their influence. If certain venues aren’t respecting the Culture, the withdrawal of support will shut them down.

S/o to all the real promoters and venues that respect and contribute to the culture.