Chance the Rapper backstage in London

Do I Think Everybody is Doing Everything They Can?

Chance The Rapper spoke with DJ Semtex during a recent interview in London about Obama’s achievements as President and his feelings about the recent killings of unarmed black people by police officers.

Chance has been actively involved in launching various campaigns and community projects including last year’s #SaveChicago campaign in an effort to stop the gun violence in his city.

“I think Barack Obama achieved a lot. There’s a lot of monumental establishments that have come from him being in office, but I think the problem of systematic racism and second class citizens – it’s something that’s perpetual through history. Especially with darker people. It doesn’t just stop in America. I don’t think it’s necessarily something you put the first Black man in office to change. I don’t think putting the first Black man in office is a sign of change.”

“I think there are certain things – like I said – systemically, politically, socially that need to take place on both sides of it, from the people and the people that we put in place that could change stuff. But I think Barack Obama has done some great things.”

“That’s objective, because I’ve worked with the city. I’ve worked with the neighborhoods, and one of the people I consider allies would be the president. He’s done dope things in the city of Chicago. I’ve worked with the city on a lot of projects.”

“But do I think everybody is doing everything that they can? No, and that includes me.”