Chance the Rapper live in London
Social Experiment at Electric London
Chance the Rapper live on stage
Chance the Rapper performs a gig in London
Chance the Rapper and Social Experiment
Chance the Rapper in London with the Social Experiment
Chance the Rapper live in London
Chance the Rapper and Social Experiment
Chance the rapper at electric london
Chance the Rapper and Social Experiment in London at Electric
Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper at Electric London

Chance The Rapper Proves He’s Electrifying

Igniting the crowd seems to come naturally to Chance the Rapper who’s recent gig with the Social Experiment at the Electric in Brixton lit up the stage.

Chance caught up with me again after this show at the Electric to talk about The Social Experiment and Free Music. It’s a feeling of being gassed, after seeing Chance and the whole crew do their thing, UK you’ve gotta understand, it’s a totally different live show, at moments it’s like Purple Rain meets hip-hop, at moments it’s like some Jazz classics mixed with Hip-Hop, its just an amazing experience. Since the independent release of the classic ‘Acid Rap’ mixtape and now with the new collaborative album with the The Social Experiment ‘Surf’, it seems Chance is determined to keep the crowd lifted.

In an interview with Chance last year I asked him about performing live, “I think it’s a part of the experiment, you know the live show, or something….when you think about it in terms of like ratio, the people that are inside one of my shows, compared to the people that are outside in the streets of London that don’t get to hear the music, you know? And I think that’s what makes the experience what it is, the exclusivity of it…not being able to experience it without actually being there. Not being able to see me or meet me without actually hearing that music, and what it is in the moment is something that those people that were here tonight, get to leave with and make them different from everyone around.”


Chance’s vision has always been clear “I think the plan with this ‘Social Experiment’ project is to do experiments in music, so we wanted to start off with this new set of re-worked songs from the project, and reducing energy where it needs to be reduced, and increasing it in other places, you know, just playing around with the vibe of the music and taking apart the tracks – it’s a cool project.”