Chicago’s Energe Gets Melodic On ‘I Get It’

It took me just one listen of Energe’s ‘I Get It’ and I was hooked to the Chicago artists melodic flow and vibes.

There are only three tracks on Energe’s own Soundcloud. At the start of the year he released ‘High Note’ which was quickly followed up by ‘Occupied’, and now ‘I Get It’. On all the three tracks, Energe’s melodic voice which is a mixture of rap and singing, is distinctive and refreshing. What’s crazy is, in the 48 hours of discovering and listening to Energe, I already know some of the lyrics for ‘I Get It’ and ‘High Note’. His hooks and lyrics are standout, they are infectious and undeniably smooth, and that’s an achievement for an artist in this day when songs are being released like oxygen. Blending the realism of rap with the smoothness of R&B Energe delivers the right energy, a balance.

Like a lot of the Chicago artists bubbling on the scene at the moment (Monte Booker, Taylor Bennett, Saba, Noname and not to forget Chance The Rapper), Energe channels the same Chicago swag and soul that has become synonymous with the new music coming out of the city.

While I’m now going to get lost in Energe’s 2015 album ‘PRIMO’ (available via iTunes here) get acquainted with Energe, and when you do, like me you’ll be saying ‘I Get It’.