Children of Zeus Share Debut Album ‘Travel Light’

‘Musically, there’s a legacy of Manchester music that came before me and Tyler… at the time no one didn’t want to hear an English accent making Soul or Hip-Hop let alone a Mancunian accent making it. D’you know what I mean?’ – Konny Kon

Two decades in the making, and the culmination of a lifetime’s ambition, Children of Zeus release their LP debut titled ‘Travel Light‘. Tyler Daley and Konny Kon have been on this road together a long time, it’s an alliance that has weathered the darkest stretches in both their lives and one that has literally seen both men write their way into brighter days.

Unlucky for some, today, Friday 13th July sees the arrival of their muti-genre aesthetic to the global masses, across 13 tracks Children of Zeus open the door on their philosophy and simultaneously turn the spotlight on to the wealth of talent at Manchester’s disposal.

“Once we got rid of all the rules, we made better music.”

Ahead of their official album launch show at London’s Jazz Cafè, I sat down with Konny Kon to talk all things Children of Zeus; having now fully cultivated their sound ‘Travel Light’ holds it all from Lover’s Rock to Jazz vibrations, this is the Hip-Hop Soul duo who have long been raised with Soundsystem culture, and ‘Travel Light’ is the product of concentrated creativity, “Sometimes we’ll be sitting in the studio and I’ll be answering emails, and Tyler will be like ‘just put your phone down. You’re stopping a vibe’, d’you know what I mean? And I’m like ‘bro, we need to reply to some of these emails – we’re sat in the studio tryna create and you’ve just spent half an hour emailing people. You can get caught up in tryna work it all out, but it doesn’t mean anything. What does it mean?”

Catch the full Cover Story, coming soon on Nation of Billions, stream ‘Travel Light’ below: