Chip Charges The Scene With ‘Power Up’

If you have listened to a song from Chip in the last 12 months, chances are it was a song that was meticulously crafted to take off someones head. Clashes are one of the cornerstones of Grime and in the words of the North London rapper, he didn’t learn to clash from dropping tunes on the internet. He’s been in the game for a while.

Releasing music frequently and gathering different types of fans. As of late, Chip has come back to the foundations of Grime. When he’s not shelling radio sets and clashing MCs, he’s in the studio making EPs (3 released in 2015).

‘Power Up’ is this years offering from Chip and it starts with the sentiment that he’s carried through the last 12 months. I find Chip very reactive when he’s made aware of things he feels go against him. He doesn’t waste time being direct and upfront, never being shy to let you know exactly what’s on his mind through his lyrics. ‘Fire In My Studio’ seems to be the result of an edited BBC video, and although this wasn’t a shot towards Chip personally, he took it upon himself to fire bars in their direction. Even choosing to do so on the Charlie Sloth rap show, showing he will always hold his position.

You think I don’t know who’s trying it? / Collab and tryna show alliances / I’m a weed man, how ya mean fam, my paranoia got me firing

The first 2 tracks solidify his stance that he’s unapologetically independent. The things is, we know this already. I kinda zoned out by the middle of the 2nd track, but thankfully, was brought right back when I heard Ice Kid go crazy on ‘Where’s Ice Kid At’. When we watched the reaction of Chip on the big screen at Red Bull Culture Clash a lot of people weren’t sure if there yet to be another war dub in the wings. Fortunately, they’ve joined forces and created a venomous track that’s filled with quick fire bars and the kind of energy that’s reminiscent of the infamous Westwood freestyle.

Chip has always proved himself to be a versatile artist. Songs like ‘Style Dat’ and ‘My Ones’ show he can be as introspective or as fun-loving as he wants to be. Personally, I would’ve preferred more songs like these as I feel that Chip hasn’t got anything more to prove by making songs saying that he can bar. We know this. I just hope that he leaves the defensive narratives on these EP’s and focuses more on storytelling with the next project.

It takes a lot to stay positive is negative times / I’m not a wicked man, still lick you with the wickedess rhymes / Bun your gun talk, your stuck if I stick you with lines / I’m still alive in the stickiest times

I can understand why he chose this path. There’s a lot of new fans in Grime and it’s good for them to know that Chip has been doing well for a long time. This EP serves that purpose and gives them different aspects of the levels that Chip is on. Speaking as a fan of Grime from the days of Stratford Rex, I’m looking forward to an album which tells a story of Chip’s journey through life and music. For now though, Chip is ever ready to create music that fits into various genres. Whether you’re catching a whine to ‘Style Dat’ or moshing to ‘Can’t Run Out Of Bars’, ‘Power Up’ has what you need to stay charged.

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