Chip Drops Nostalgic Nod To Grime ‘Scene’

With his new album release imminent, Chip calls on OG’s in an ode to Grime.

Conversations about the state and health of Grime are as big a part of the culture as the music itself. Grime scene scholars spend endless hours deliberating over the finer points of this 140 genre, and with his new visual, Chip wastes no time in breaking down what authenticity in Grime looks like.

‘Scene’ opens with Wiley expressing his views on how to filter out the fairweather followers and Chip blends archive footage with new shots in Jammer’s infamous basement in a visual packed with keys about just what the genre was built on. Chip, Wiley, D Double E, Jammer, JME and Miraa May all combine on a sentimental and heartfelt celebration of a genre that has given careers to so much UK talent.