Chronixx Is The Antidote

I got this in my inbox earlier this month and it was already plain to see that 2016 was going to be a great year.

‘Majesty’ is one of those timeless joints that makes you feel good. It soothes your soul. Makes everything alright no matter what. It immediately shuts down any bad feelings and celebrates the treasure that is your queen.

These kind of classic tracks don’t come around often and it takes a special artist to touch the soul like this.

Chronixx is an important artist, one of the best of our time who has substance and something to say. In the age of artificial talent, mass produced soulless internet music, and a world consumed with conflict, Chronixx is the antidote.

His UK shows sell out immediately and he tore down the mainstage at Glastonbury last year, but if you’re not already familiar with his work check out his debut album ‘Dread & Terrible’, or his ‘Belly Of The Beast’ banger with Joey Badass.

‘Majesty’ is taken from ‘Roots and Chalice’ the forth-coming collaborative mixtape between Chronixx and the Federation Sound, and it can’t come soon enough.