Cisum The Painter Of Sonic Landscapes

Residing in the town of Stone Mountain Atlanta, Cisum the Painter has been quietly working away under the radar for a few years now. Drawing inspiration from the ever evolving Atlanta rap scene, to the thriving forests and blue skies of the Atlanta landscape that surround him.

The result is a sound flourishing with texture and ambience, a sound that has been genuinely crafted together by the man behind it. It all started with his name, Cisum the Painter. “Well firstly Cisum is music backwards and Cisum symbolises ‘seeing a different perspective’. The Painter just describes my intention, my focus, it gives you the true Impression of me, a painter.” For the 22 year a huge source of inspiration comes from being an Atlanta native. “It’s of great influence. In the south or Atlanta more so, style is based off ‘just doing it’. Whatever you do just be flavourful and confident about it, that’s what ATL taught me.

However Cisum sees his sound as bigger than Atlanta, taking him out of his home state, reaching people all across the world. “As far as geographically, I’ll spend a lot of time in the UK and Canada, but I really want my sound to take me to people and industries that could help birth a whole new sound to add even more diversity.” Creating a movement and community means much to Cisum than fame. “A big part of success to me is like writing down a goal, focusing on it and sacrificing for it everyday. Then one day completing that goal, that’s success, that’s almost magic.”

For a man of only 22, Cisum certainly has a wise soul. This mentality is portrayed on his first official release ’20’. Like it is for everyone, turning 20 is a big deal, and for Cisum he marked the day by creating a piece of music. The song has a very distinct and lo-fi feel, one that comes naturally to Cisum. “This sound is natural because of my voice, but also deliberate because of its effect on the body and psyche. Through years of recording experiences and experiments, I’ve created a barrier around my sound that controls how it’s expressed outwardly. It all starts from the mind. I love sound deeply, it’s extremely euphoric.”

Cisum shows no signs of slowing down, with many plans for the future. “TONS of visuals, I’m the Painter so you’ll always need to ‘see’ what I’m ‘saying’. Im also working on the collaborative project, ’Monkey Juice’ which I aim to be pretty fun!”

’20’ is out now via newly launched singles label Bound Recordings and available here on iTunes.

Check out more music from Cisum the Painter on SoundCloud