Courtnie On Breaking Through Like A Nebula

For a star to be born, a naive, hopelessly ambitious determination to break through has to keep you driven to shoot through the stratosphere and reach your destination.

The beautiful ‘Nebula’ from Courtnie, is her soft but determined start to breaking through, she’s wistful and yet able to catch feelings that connect this 22 year-old songstress to her soulful sound. Having relocated to Harlem, New York after a four year student grind in Los Angeles, Courtnie recently debuted in the single ‘Need‘ and has since started work on her forthcoming EP ‘Nebula.

Collaborating on production with Brandon Combs, who’s currently on tour with The Internet, Courtnie see’s ‘Nebula’ as symbolic of a point in life and penned the song with a certain mood in mind, it’s “about inspiration and being on the verge of a breakthrough when you think you’re at your lowest point.”