D.R.AM. Featuring Lil Yachty - Artwork by Sais & Steve-O

D.R.A.M And Lil Yachty Get Their Greens On ‘Broccoli’

Part rapper, part singer and all round good vibe guy, D.R.A.M links up with ATL’s Lil Yachty for a feel-good green infused collab called, ‘BROCCOLI’.

‘BROCCOLI’ is such a feel-good sing-along tune, it just oozes spring and bright vibes. Produced by J-Gramm, Rogét Chahayed and Karl Rubin, ‘BROCCOLI’ has this up beat loop throughout and has these chirpy keys throughout that will just make you smile. Virginia’s D.R.A.M has only gone from strength-to strength since he exploded onto the scene with his viral hit ‘Cha Cha’ back in September 2014.

Both D.R.A.M and Lil Yachty muse about their current success, Lil Yachty starts off with his boastful, yet charming lyrics: “Ice on my neck cost me 10 times 3“. And D.R.A.M, well he just is in the middle of the party, “rolling up my broccoli“.

Complete with D.R.A.M’s signature crooning on the chorus, this one is undeniably a vibe – and a dope partnership between two rappers on the cusp of success. Two step, and get your daily dosage of your greens to ‘Broccoli’.