Dabbla Returns With Long Awaited Sophomore LP ‘Death Moves’

Dabbla’s Sophomore LP, ‘Death Moves’, is here. The latest Potent Funk release sees Dabbla return with an ensemble cast on features and production, “Everyone has come with the gold for the project!” he explains via email, “Sumgii, Purist Don Piper, AJ Swizzy, Hash Finger, Dag Nabbit, GhostTown are basically all my favourite producers which I wanted for this record. I’m gassed to have a track by GhostTown, Dirty Dike & Pete Cannon, who came together to make the title track for ‘Death Moves’ which is accompanied with an animated video by the same guys who made Psychoville.” Guest features come in the shape of Bristol’s Eva Lazarus, High Focus original Rag’N’Bone Man, fellow Dead Player Jam Baxter, regular sparring partner, Illaman and his original family unit, LDZ.

For some, the difficult second album can be a hard hurdle to clear, but Dabbla, had no intention of “making ‘Death Moves’. I was concentrating on making one sick song accompanied by a sick visual and before long I had a dozen bangers with videos so it just made sense to collect them all on a vinyl!” 2016’s ‘Year of the Monkey’ was an acclaimed success and an experience that ultimately left Dabbla, “Very happy with the reception of Year of the Monkey, High Focus did a sterling job with it!” ‘Death Moves’ promises more of his archetypal bombastic cadence and eccentric hybrid rap.  I ask how Dabbla approached the making of his second project, “I’ve never really concerned myself with [maintaining his voice as an MC]. There’s superficiality in everything and everyone around us. I just try and focus on making good music I’m happy with and trust that there’s people out there with similar tastes!”

Making music that stands up to repeat plays has never been a hardship for an MC with ‘Penis for a Day’ and ‘Randeer’ in his discography. Regular collaborator and Potent Funk mainstay Sumgii stretches realities, building soundscapes for Dabbla’s acerbic wit and existential philosophy to gallivant over kicks and snares.

His brand of ‘hybrid rap shit’ means experimentation is an integral part of his musical identity and now, ‘Just Another Immigrant’ with Romesh Ranganathan has become Dabbla’s latest chance to flex in a new environment, “Syncing music is great and very rewarding!  I just made a bunch of bespoke songs for Romesh Ranganathan’s new US based series ‘Just Another Immigrant’ and had big fun doing it.”

Stream ‘Death Moves’ below: