Damn Daniel OG, ‘I Wanna’ Be A Bad Boy From This Clan

Daniel just knows he’s the next to blow from South London, and his relentless work rate of new music, visuals, shows and interviews has us firmly believing that this man with a plan from the clan could just get everything he wants.

Appearing on Semtex’s Friday night show on BBC 1xtra, the former choir boy, who “used to sing on the low“, talked about his love of Biggie Smalls and those comparisons, channeling inspiration from Fela Kuti because of his spiritual & political levels, and life as part of the best DIY boyband in the world.

This bad boy is determined to keep doing it, still wants a peng ting and won’t stop till he owns some lands. Coming through with a powerful command and clarity in his deliverance, Daniel OG knows how to drop that simple easy flow and keep it poppin’ visually – if you wanna get into the ‘I Wanna’ go check that video above.

We’ve already had Daniel OG pegged as Next Up, so go get into the full interview and see why.